Susno `met with fugitive suspect'

Irawaty Wardany , The Jakarta Post , Jakarta Sun, 10/04/2009 11:57 AM Headlines

The National Police's chief of detectives, Comr. Gen. Susno Duadji, met with the fugitive graft suspect Anggoro Widjojo in Singapore this year in flagrant dereliction of his duties, says a lawyer.

Ahmad Rifai, a lawyer for suspended Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) deputy chairmen Bibit Samad Rianto and Chandra M. Hamzah, said Friday his clients had told him Susno had met with Anggoro despite knowing the antigraft body had imposed a travel ban on the latter and had a warrant out for him.

"The KPK leaders forwarded the warrant to the chief detective and all
provincial police chiefs across Indonesia on July 7, 2009, to seek the arrest of
Anggoro," Ahmad said in Jakarta.

"Three days later, on July 10, Susno met with Anggoro in Singapore, and he
later admitted to it at a meeting with the KPK leaders on July 15."

Anggoro is suspected of marking up the price of radio communications equipment for a Forestry Ministry project between 2006 and 2007, in a case that has caused an estimated Rp 180 billion (US$18 million) in state losses.

He is also suspected of bribing legislators Yusuf Erwin Faishal, Fachri Andi Leluasa, Hilman Indra and Azwar Chesputra from the House of Representatives' Commission IV on forestry and agriculture.

Yusuf was jailed for four-and-a-half years in the case, while the three others are still awaiting trial at the Corruption Court.

Suspended KPK chairman Antasari Azhar, facing murder charges, told police he had also met with Anggoro in Singapore in October 2008.

Bibit confirmed Ahmad's statement Saturday.

"Susno told *the KPK chairman and all four deputies* about his meeting with Anggoro," he said.

Police have charged Bibit and Chandra with alleged abuse of power for imposing and then lifting travel bans on Anggoro and fellow graft suspect Djoko S. Tjandra, who is wanted in connection with the Bank Bali scandal.

Ahmad accused Susno of abusing his power, saying the team of lawyers would report him to the National Police chief and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Monday.

University of Indonesia criminologist Bambang Widodo Umar said Susno would have to come clean about his meeting with a known fugitive.

"It'd be disastrous for him if the meeting had to do with a compromise relating to Anggoro's crime," he said.

"But if it was related to a personal matter between Susno and Anggoro, then he has no need to worry because we should be able to separate personal matters from professional ones."

As a high-ranking police officer who must have been aware of the KPK's warrant for Anggoro, Ahmad said, Susno should have known that his meeting with the fugitive would have been troublesome at best.

"He should at least have reported Anggoro's legal problems to the Singaporean police and sought to have him deported to Indonesia to face justice," he said.

Ahmad also called on National Police Inspector Comr. Gen. Yusuf Manggabarani to grill Susno over the meeting with Anggoro.

Susno will be questioned Monday by the police's Inspectorate General over an earlier report of abuse of power filed against him by Ahmad's team of lawyers.

Sumber: The Jakarta Post

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